Working private BTG cheat for Valorant game

The pros of buying a working BTG private cheat for the game Valorant


When it comes to using cheats in online games, many players face the risk of having their account locked or even losing access to the game altogether. However, with the introduction of a working BTG private cheat for Valorant, players are now able to enjoy the benefits of using cheats without worry.


One of the main advantages of buying a private BTG cheat is its quality and reliability. The cheat is developed by experienced programmers who constantly monitor updates and refine its functionality. This means that you will always have access to the most current features and functions of the cheat.


Another plus is the developers' prompt reaction to changes and technical work in the game Valorant. When the developers release new updates or conduct technical work, they quickly adapt the cheat to keep it running smoothly. This guarantees you continuous use of the cheat and no problems with its operation.


The BTG private cheat also has a minimal chance of blocking. This is due to the fact that the cheat uses a modern way of bypassing anti-cheat, which allows it to remain undetected by the game's defense system. Thus, you can be sure that your account will not be blocked due to the use of the cheat.


Installing and running the BTG private cheat is very easy. You will not need to be an expert in programming or computer technology. If you have difficulties with the setup, you can always ask for help from technical support, which will help you for free and answer all your questions.


BTG chit features include such options as Skeletone, Boxes 2D, Lines, Distance, Health, Draw Bots, No Teammate.


In general, buying a working private BTG cheat for the game Valorant provides players with many advantages. Quality cheat, prompt support and wide functionality make it a great choice for those who want to get an advantage in the game without the risk of account lockout.

System requirements of the program

Works on Windows 10 [2004-22h2];

Virtualization | Virtualization must be enabled in bios. Secure Boot is disabled. The disk format on which Windows is installed is GPT. Hyper-v support on the computer.

BTG chit functionality for Valorant


  • Bots NPC
  • 2D Boxes Players
  • Filled Boxes Players
  • Lines Players
  • Distance Players
  • Skeletone
  • Health Bar
  • No Teammate
  • Nicknames
  • Text Back ground
  • Distance to draw esp

Change colors to suit your tasks


Button to show or hide program menu

Switching between languages

After payment you will receive detailed instructions on activation, start and use of the program. Which will be sent to your e-mail specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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