Buy a working private BTG for Warzone

One of the most stable private cheats for Warzone. It is regularly updated and maintained for a year in the state of the minimum chance of blocking. Definitely, this shooter is losing its regular users due to the large influx of cheaters. Only the same player who equips himself with a quality program can resist them. BTG will just help you strike back. The program included all the necessary features that will allow you to start to dominate and take first place. Accurate AimBot will aim your sight at the selected part of the enemy's body. All that remains is to pull the trigger. Detailed WallHack, which will highlight any, even the most secretive enemy. It is convenient that you can adjust the display colors yourself.


Supports operating systems: Windows 10 [2004 - 22h2];

Processors: Intel and AMD.

The functionality of the BTG cheat for the game Cod Warzone

Aimbot: Aims at the enemy. | AimBot is temporarily down!

WallHack 2D Boxes: Outline enemies in squares.

WallHack Player: Show Enemies Through Walls

WallHack Distance: Displays the distance to enemies.

WallHack Lines: displays lines to enemies

WallHack Settings: there is a display color setting!

The program includes all the necessary features for successful victories and dominance over the enemy. Easy start and installation.

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will be sent to you by mail, specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

In any game with any cheat, it is possible to get an account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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